Tosh (India)

Travelling to Tosh was uncertain, we planned for Sultanekhola (a village in the hills of West Bengal), we planned a trekking here with 7 of our colleagues, but after few days, my friend told us about Kasol with a simple cheap budget so it was obvious that one would obviously choose Himachalfor trekking purposes”  . So we changed the plan and decided to trek Himachal, mainly Kasol, for being a very good place to travel.

Now here is the hotcake, as we know, at the very beginning when a plan is being discussed, maximum people promises to stick up with the plan but just right before a week of the date planned for the trip everyone started having excuses, leaving me and my only Rishabh in the entire group to travel. So we both decided to go rather then waiting for someone to join us. So I called up one of my close friends to join me up on the trip who is a very good videographer as well as a good short film maker. He joined with us.

Rishabh was discussing about the plan, after a long research we found out that Kasol is totally a commercialized area and it would be very difficult for a traveler to stay here with a cheap budget. So we have chosen Tosh, where you can have complete liberty to dope around. The view is amazing.


To be honest, we calculated the budget for each person was 4000 INR. from Kolkata including the travelling, fooding and the accommodation. So here the plan was,

After a long search of the cheap and the cheapest restaurant & hotels, we found out a hotel which was on the top of the Tosh village costing a room Rs. 700/day. The name of the hotel was HOTEL HILL TOP VIEW, we called up to the hotel and booked a room for 26th Dec and paid Rs. 700/- (Bank Transfer). We travelled from Kolkata, so to make the journey cheaper we decided to go in a Second Class compartment having reserved seats in Tatkal, though it was a partially confirmed ticket, two of us were on a waiting list, but the up journey from Kolkata to Delhi was awesome. I suggest you guys, better go in sleeper class, you can’t survive in any other cheaper than the sleeper one , if the distance is too far. Yes, we went to Delhi because we knew it was only way where we had a perfect timing for buses, along with we can rest for a while before leaving for Himachal, we reached Delhi at 12:15 a.m and we decided to stay in a hotel that night.

We had a room with Rs. 880 just 10 minutes away from Old Delhi. Always remember guys, do not panic for food in Delhi, you will surely get it  at anytime depending on the area you are residing at. So we three kept our baggage in the room and started ransacking for food as we were very hungry. Finally, we found a place felt like am surrounded by the delicious food, and yes it really was. Late night we had our food that costs us Rs. 90 each. We had 4 tandoori rotis, 1 Plate Chicken Fry and Chicken curry.




Travel Across

Hello guys,

Since you can see this is a travel blog, here I will be updating my best experience of travelling and trekking across the nation. It might be very helpful to the newbies who step out of their house for the first time to travel places be it mountains, seas or oceans or exploring any forests in India. The cost of travelling would be very cheap but you can avail every comfort out of any cheap travelling. The guidelines will be right here of every places I visited. And will certainly recommend you to visit those places.